Ayo Daftarkan dirimu! TEIC akan digelar pada bulan 7 April 2018. Ada 4 event yang diselenggarakan yaitu Boxing, Muay Thai, Fitness, dan Running. Jangan khawatir guys, ini aman dan pelatih kami akan mengawasi semua pertandingan. Kami berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik bersama. Latihan dengan baik dan tunjukkan apa yang Anda dapatkan. Untuk pendaftaran dan informasi lebih lanjut, silakkan datang langsung ke camp kami atau hubungi kami di 30010262. Tunjukan hasil latihan mu selama ini dan jadilah yang terbaik !


Student Promo 2018

Good news for all student from both school and university, because Team Elite is giving you a very special promo! We are now giving this promo not just to any particular schools but this promo is open for every student in every school & university! Just show your school or university ID card, take a SELFIE at Team Elite Training Camp and mention/tag instagram @elite_pik.

You could get Special Package 10x Muay Thai Class for <17 years old only Rp 599.000 and <22 years old only Rp 699.000! Come train with your schoolmates and get healthy and have fun together.

Elite Fight Day 10

It’s finally back! Elite Fight Day 10 will be held on April 2015. There will be boxing and Muay Thai fights. Don’t worry guys, it’s safe and our trainers will keep an eye throughout the match. We strive to be better together and not against each other. Train well and show what you got. For registration and more information contact our front desk or call us on 30010262 / 08174906433. We’ll see you in the ring, tough guys & girls!

Elite Fight Team Will Fight at Zealot

Elite Muay Thai trainer, Bolkan, will also compete in Zealot Muay Thai fight. The event will be held at Gelanggang Remaja Tanjong Priok at 15.00 – 21.00. He trained hard for the fight and ready to bring victory back home. You could also fight with Elite Fight Team because we train not to fight against each other but we train together as a family. In Elite Training Camp you could train so many various fighting style, such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Wing Chun. Don’t forget that Elite MMA Shop Booth is going to be there too and you can not miss the opportunity to get all your favorite training gears with a very splendid offers. See you there, Nak Muay!

One Fighting Championship : Odyssey of Champions

One Fighting Championship ‘Odyssey of Champions’ will be held this year on 14th of February. Make sure to watch it live in Istora Senayan, Jakarta at 7pm because Fransino Tirta, Indonesia’s #1 Undefeated MMA champion will compete with former UFC lightweight champion, Jens Pulver. It’s going to be one hell of a fight but we definitely root on Indonesia’s blood and pride, Fransino Tirta. We hope his title remains flawless.

Indonesian Badass Championship

Indonesian Badass Championship is going to be held on 7th December 2014. It is Mixed Martial Art (MMA) competition. Two of our best Elite fighters, Setiono Ang and Vincent Martin will compete at the event. They both are currently training very hard from Monday to Friday. They work on their Muay Thai skills with Kru Stephane, boxing with coach Vicky and MMA/grappling skills with coach Leo Krishna.

You will see that both Elite fighters are very determined to win and give their best for their fights. Training for a fight is no rainbows and butterflies, it requires determination and sacrifice. Vincent always keep his own quote in mind that “whenever I’m not training, my opponent is training hard at the moment”. So, come and support them. We hope their hard work will result with big WINs.


Indonesian Submissions Championship 2014 – Open Women Division

Congratulations to Gabby Mellysa.

She won the Indonesian Submission Championship 2014 tournament. We are proud of you.

Indonesian Submission Championship 2014 is back. It was held at Cilandak Town Square. Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters always participate and compete in most BJJ competition.  This time Leo Krishna, Gabby Mellysa and James Japriadi competed and represented our team.

Gabby, being the Winner of Bandung Super Grappler 2014, became the Indonesian Submission Champion for Women open division.

We are proud of you and your Champion belt suit you very nicely!!

We open Elite MMA Shop booth on the event and offered special discounts on the day. So dont forget to follow our social media for the latest update and to know where we will open our next Elite MMA booth.