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Circuit 45, Suspensions, Calisthenics Training, Freestyle HIIT



We offer new fitness programs which delivers only RESULTS!!

Circuit 45, Suspensions Training, HIIT Freestyle and Calisthenics.

All of our fitness classes focus on strength, conditioning and will help you develop muscles. Our fitness program is a perfect addition to your martial art training.

Duration : 60 minutes


C45 is a special exercise program developed by ELITE. Participants will be divided into 4 posts where there are 2 types of exercises at each post. The goal of C45 is to combine cardio exercises and strength training to improve multiple physical components gradually and sustainably.
The exercises will use your own body weight as well as other simple gears like dumbbell, barbell etc. C45 is not focused on doing as many reps as possible but we focus on the proper form of doing each movement. C45 will train all parts of the body muscle (total body workout) and each exercise is done within the specified time. Total duration of each class is 60 minutes including 
warming up and cooling down. This class is the best fitness class if you have a busy schedule and want to increase muscle mass or get toned body.

Calories burned: 300-550 calories per class.


Suspension Training is a physical exercise using a rope as a tool that hangs on a crossbar or pole. Fundamentally this exercise uses its own body weight and tilt angle as a burden to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise. This USA-style exercise is practically unique, allowing you to exercise power, endurance, flexibility, and balance. This exercise is also good for the purpose of fat loss, body building, or improve fitness. Curious? Try the class!

Calories burned: 300-400 calories per class.


Calisthenic is a sport that includes a variety of basic exercises that only use body weight as the main exercise. This calisthenics exercise is intended to increase body strength, coordination, speed, and flexibility through movements such as pulling, pushing, jumping, running and so on. If done consistently and energetically, calisthenics can provide good benefits to the body such as adding muscle mass and an athletic body shape. The word calisthenic comes from the ancient Greek “kallos” and “sthenos” which means beauty and strength. Usually the tool used in this exercise is very simple like bar / pole to support some movements such as pull ups, dips etc.

Calories burned: 300-400 calories per class.

HIIT is short for High-Intensity Interval Training. Freestyle HIIT is a type of cardiovascular exercise that combines a type of high intensity and low intensity exercise within a certain time interval. Freestyle HIIT will improve your athletic capacity and condition as well as your metabolism. This program is develop to burn the most calories fast but safely. In this class, you will perform 8 exercises repeatedly as many sets specified within the predetermined time.

Calories burned: 300-450 calories per class.

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